Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I have now begun writing my first blog. I have browsed through other people's blogs over the internet and have found that men tend to write more on technology and women tend to write more on self-growth. Not surprising, yet amusing. As a "sensitive" woman, I have a lot of "feelings" stuff going through my head at this time; the kind that would make a man either yawn, grimace, or run for the door. And yes, one day I will write about those emotions that are running haywire in my mind perhaps 50% of the time or write about relationships that have affected me and made me who I am today. But not today....

Today, I choose to write about ORKUT. Need I waste my precious words describing what it is? I guess not for most of you have reached this very page as a result of your inquisitiveness on orkut! The reason I speak about Orkut in my first blog as opposed to the love of my life or my career or my favorite gadget in this whole wide world is because I am addicted to it (like most of you are). A certain significant person tells me that I "like to pry" into others' lives while some have labeled me "Orkut Queen", perhaps rightly so. In my defense I would like to this article.. The gist of the article is that curiosity does not always kill the cat. Come on, let's admit it. How many of us have actually visited others' profiles and realized that we have common friends that we need to send a friend request to?

So am I marketing Orkut here? No, not really. But yes, since it is an addiction that takes up a lot of my time in a day, I am putting forward a cautionary note to those who are not yet at that stage. Like Nicotine and Alcohol, this will consume you, gradually. Its a pity that there is no "Orkut Anonymous" therapy group for I would like to surely attend one of those in order to be cured of this mind-gripping disease.

As of now, I am a psychologist in the making in the process of self-realization that I may somewhat become stagnant (or maybe doomed) if I choose to keep the focus of my life as Orkut. I am hoping that this blogger service provides me relief..maybe in the form of catharsis, sublimation, or plain avoidance!

Thanks for reading my first blog..and I promise you....there are more to come!