Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Fear Factor

How many things are we missing out on because of our fear?

Some people fear the roller coasters..I think I love them so much that I was born on them.
I get asked, "HOW CAN YOU?" all the time!!
My logic is..We are well tied, well secured, I dont have a heart problem (yet) to get a heart attack, there are other people with me, this roller coaster has been used fo years, so on and so forth!
And after all, how many more people die in automobile crashes as compared to roller coasters? Do we stop driving automobiles?

Likewise, test anxiety. How many of us had upset stomachs prior to a test or blanked out during a test. Only because we fear that we might fail, do bad, or not get the usual A. But do we realize that we work ourselves up to such an extent that we don't remember what we actually learned? Ya maybe we could fail. But how about thinking about it after the fact as opposed to before the fact? Fear controls us. And we allow it to be an obstacle.

And then comes my favorite, RELATIONSHIPS. I have heard people saying that they do not care to have a romantic relationship after they have failed in one. Because they are afraid that it might happen again, fearful that they will be hurt again. Some people fail to trust after being cheated on. Normal reactions. Understandable emotions. But yet, we allow fear to decide the course of our lives. How about giving it a shot? Maybe we will be hurt. But what does not kill us only makes us stronger right?

Thanks, and let's be brave.

5 Words of Wisdom:

Sandeep said...

here is a old reading from the english text from 2nd std. GB.

Gentlemen:- Where did your father died
Fisherman:- At the Sea
Gentlemen:- Where did your Grandfather died
Fisherman:- At the sea while fishing
Gentlemen:- And your still going to the sea everyday. Aren't u afraid of the sea
Fishermen:- Where did your father died
Gentlemen:- In the bed
Fishermen:- Where did your Grandfather died
Gentlemen:- In the bed, peacfully while sleeping
Fishermen:- And your still going to your bed everynight.

Utpal Barman said...

thats the spirit !! keep it up..

Neel said...

YES, I am afraid of roller-coasters (well, technically heights) but I mean fear or relationship? I mean that's true many people act that way but it's strange 'cos if they think they are with whom they'd want to be with, they STILL don't want to get into a relationship!! It's amazing how silly one can get!! Or call it selfishness I guess.

~ Neel.

nik said...

rather late to be commenting on this ... but better late than never ...

i disagree with "And after all, how many more people die in automobile crashes as compared to roller coasters?"

that is a naive observation .. the ratio of number of people riding automobiles to people riding roller coasters is proportional to the number of casualties.

Solitaire said...

@ nik

Here are some stats to prove that the observation is not naive..
I am actually talking about percentages and ratios.