Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Do you lie?

Some people boast of speaking the truth all the time...REALLY? Is that possible? Do they never lie? Not even an iota?

How about the times when you are late to work..and use an excuse?

"My alarm did not go off today" or "There was a jam on the freeway"! (Very unique!!)

How about the times when you dont like what your wife cooked and you said,

"I am not that hungry today" or "I will eat this later" (with no later time to follow!)

How about the times your girlfriend asks you if she looks fat and you say,

"No not at all!!" just to save your ass from catching fire.

How about the times you say "Good morning" to your colleagues? Are you actively thinking and wishing and hoping for a good morning for that person when you say that? Or are you on autopilot mode?

How about the times when someone says "How are you?" and you say " I am fine". Are you really fine? Or are you again in an autopilot mode?

LIES! Such a negative connotation and yet so many varieties and variations. There are white lies and there are black lies. There are harmful lies and harmless lies. But nevertheless they are LIES!! Lies that we sometimes cannot avoid, lies that we sometimes dont know about, lies that are sometimes intentional. We are not Mahatma Gandhi and certainly not following his principles all the time.

I am promoting LIES! Yes, I am! LIE all you want.

Remember to hurt NO ONE when you do that.
Good morning is wonderful!!
I am fine is fantastic!!
My cat ate my homework is tolerable!!
My alarm clock did not go off is acceptable!!
I am out having a boys' night out when you are with a girl is horrendous!!
Someone stole my wallet when you spent it all on alcohol is horrible!!
Pick and choose your battles. If you hurt someone with your lies, you will lose integrity.

Here is an article to prove my point!
Thanks, and stay truthful.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Neeraj Singh said...

So true.. I found ... many of ur statements .. straight way ... .atacking the .. way .. I keep saying ppl around me .. I seldom .. lie .. and then wryly add .. I state half .. truths ;)(while keeping secrets of one from the rest.. :-) )

Mansi Trivedi said...

Thanks. I think I needed that. I was feeling a little guilty about a couple of "routined" everyday lies. I guess its okay. :D

Neel said...

Gosh!! I should send this blog-entry to my manager!! I always knew lying is as long as I'm wonderful - acceptable range!! ;)

btw, nice blog! (that's a fantastic lie!!.... nah, just kidding!! hehe)

~ Neel.