Thursday, September 27, 2007

Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

No..I am not talking about long distance relationships at all.

I am talking about the long distance relationships that we create in our small world when our relationships are within a minute or within a mile radius.

Let's shoot some real life examples (unfortunately from my life!).

Using IM to talk to your roommate in the next room.
"Hey, what's for dinner?"
Using IM to talk to your colleague in the next cubicle or cabin.
"Hey, are you going out to lunch today?"

Using SMS to message your classmate in the same class.
"Hey wanna grab some coffee in the study lounge during break?"
Calling your neighbor who lives 2 buildings away to ask him how his day was.
"Hey how was your day? No sorry, I can't come over. I am lazy"
What would it cost us to walk a few footsteps to make some eye-to-eye contact, show some facial expressions, smile to make someone's day, or maybe just stretch our own lazy muscles? I am sure that your precious smile or warm voice will be more appreciated than an audible that giggles or screeches, or an emoticon that twists the smiley's cheek bones to create an expression any human might not be able to without distorting some muscles.
We all grimace and dread long distance romantic relationships. We assume that these end at some point without meeting any success. But while we do that, we often forget that we our creating our very own long distance relationships with our roommates, friends, colleagues, neighbors, so on and so forth.
Go ahead and turn off our computer or your cellphone today for people within a mile's radius. Or use it only to inform people that you are going over. (The people who will welcome it, that is.)Walk a few steps and share some human contact with those who are willing to do so the same. Bring back what used to be when these gadgets were not in existence: a sense of connectedness and harmony.
Thanks, and walk just a few footsteps today to talk to your friend. It may be worth it!

3 Words of Wisdom:

Nirav Shah said...

My boss from my next cubicle uses intranet messaging to give me a truck load work. Thats acceptable..

But where is my deserving APPRECIATION when I message him back that I DID MY WORK ?? All I get a response back is - K. (Not even OK.. just a K ?)

Sometimes .. isnt it bit too much when you find yourself chatting with GOD ?

Rahul said...

Quite intresting...
I just wish u r not the victim of this..
It's true that we are going away from relations and going to the virtaul world, where all is just the world of computers/electronics... [:(]People are even marrying on internet and do live a happy life.. So it is not really true to a great extent ...

Deobrat Singh said...

This is something I would call as stating facts. I have a confession to make - When I look at my life, I find it awfully similar to your experiences. But the worst thing is that I can hardly do anything about it.
People are not used to seeing me around. They are used to chatting with me. And interestingly, they are pretty happy that way. It gives them a sense of urgency or something when they find me close to their cubicles/place when I could have communicated things over IM or phone.
However bad it may seem, I guess this is how I am going to spend the rest of my life. All I wish is that I don’t get my new relationships into this shape.