Sunday, November 18, 2007

Double Cheese Burger or Diet Coke?

People who are single wish they were double (no pun intended) and that they had someone to live their life with.
People who are double wish that they had the freedom and independence that they lost when they chose not to be single anymore.
People who are stuck, neither single nor double, are frustrated with sitting on the fence.

And the people in each category think that the people in the other category are the luckiest.

The single woman feels that she would rather be unhappy with someone next to her rather than be unhappy alone.

The married woman feels that she wished she had never married this man/family or married at all.

The "committed" woman anxiously awaits the day that she will be married but at the same time struggles to keep her relationship going.

So which situation is the best? In my opinion, they all are either the best or the worst, depending on how you view it. As children, some loved school and some didn't. Some loved chocolates and some did not. Some loved playing indoors and some did not. As adults, some love movies and some don't. Some love cooking and some don't. Likewise, some love to be independent and some don't. That does not make one better than the other. However, relationships and marriages are bonds that are difficult to break. Not only are they legally and morally binding but also emotionally intense. So if you are unhappy about your relationship status, do not compare. We never know what's going on in other people's lives. What situation seems the best for you may be the worst for them and vice versa. All that we can do when unhappy is to try our best to change the situation. And if you cannot, so be it. Exasperation will worsen your situation. So stay put and wait for fate to make its turn!

Thanks, and be patient. What is meant to be will happen!

6 Words of Wisdom:

Sreerama said...

Jus went thru ur blog... guess the grass will always be greener on the otherside... *always*

Deepali said...

It's so scary that the things we hear as kids in forms of provers, sayings, etc seem to stick out as being true over and over and over.

2 of those 'sayings' went though my head as I read that post - 1) The grass is always greener on the other side (and I am not alone). 2) One mans meat is another mans poison.

Well comparing is human nature. Making ourselves miserable also seems to be close to natural. Sometimes I wonder if people really actually do want to be happy.

Preethi said...

liked ur comparison. Metaphor. From 'double cheese' to chocolate liking etc... curious choice for comparison

Neel said...

I guess it's also human nature to be more ambitious. Now that you have achieved what you've wanted (in case of a relationship); now you want even more satisfaction and 'cos you want 'even more'; it makes you feel that you have less and and it's the cycle that goes on and on and on....

sowri said...

Bingo rite there on the money ...10/10

I am said...

I agree, :) nice post.. one just has to learn to be happy in every situation..or change yourself and the situation..happiness is always constant :)