Monday, December 3, 2007

I love my Vicco!

Beauty..the much coveted attribute. Sighs of relief ,when a baby is born fair-skinned in India, are commonalities. Children these days aim to be Miss Universe. Teenagers read Cosmo Girl and persuade their gullible and giving parents to pay green to straighten their hair. Young women live through crash diets and find more to experiment with. And the others ogle at them, reinforce them, and say, "WOW! You are so skinny. I wish I were like you" or "She is so beautiful".

Beauty...the most coveted attribution and perhaps, the least useful for a worldy woman. What use are admiring glances and compliments apart from the momentary sky-rocketing self-esteem and maybe, some unwanted vanity? Heard of derogatory terms such as bimbos? I also take the word "chick" to heart. I do not wish to be a doll for someone to look at until they are bored with it or the object of someone's lustful fantasies.

Beauty..the most coveted attribution and perhaps, also a curse. Your face value remains your only value. People fail to appreciate your intelligence, your hard work, your qualities, and your achievements. And when they do, its usually a "Beauty with Brains" comment...with a topping such as "a rarity".

Is that really true? Do beauties rarely have brains or do we fail to pay attention to their brains because we are so smitten by their beauty, because beauty in our minds is more glamorous, or because beauties are not that common? People often ask me why I dont exercise to enhance my curves, of course in not such an explicit way. They also ask me to go get my hair done or to wear certain shades of lipstick. They are often appalled that I dont like to wear make up to work. I only say, "Thank you very much. I love my Vicco Turmeric. That suffices!"

Thanks, and pay attention to the beauty within.

3 Words of Wisdom:

Sulz said...

well ... 1st things first .. being beautiful and having brains is not an excuse NOT to exercise [ u know u i am talking about] .
2nd. i think i takes taime for ppl to realize the some is beautiful from the inside [ and by that i mean like at heart .. not inside the colthes as many perverts will think]. a gift looks more attractive if the packing is beautiful. but if there are rotten eggs in a beautiful package u can smell the foul odour from a distance away. ppl who think they are beautiful [and they might be good looking] and then think ppl are always talking about them and get airheaded ... are the ones who smeel from like a mile away ! aur tu ... vicco vampire ... blog karney ke time pe thoda treadmill pe bhagi hoti toh u would be feeing better !

Solitaire said...

This is the second time in 48 hours that I am being called a "Beauty with Brains"..arrr..this might trigger another blog!

Neel said...

I don't think you are beauty with brains, I think you are brains with beauty :) I'll be honest being pretty is definitely not a curse. Yes, people might take you as a pretty object of fantasies or a doll BUT there are always going to be people thinking differently. Also, when someone's praising your beauty doesn't necessarily means they are ignoring your intelligence. May be they are not clever enough to figure out that you are smart? ;) I think being pretty gives you an additional edge (for sky-rocketing self-esteem as you would say) but it's the brains that'll take you a long way.

~ Neel.