Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Where does your devil work?

"An idle mind is a devil's workshop"

We have heard that so many times and have often used it to describe and calm our frenzied state of mind during times of frustration, when we have nothing to do, and when the devils crawl through and irritate our brain cells to trigger unwanted thoughts.

So does that mean that these devils avoid busy brains because they feel claustrophobic in there? I dont think so. I believe that these devils are constantly gnawing in these brains, whimpering, and gradually screaming for them to be noticed. When people are busy, they are simply pushing these negative thoughts to the back. Momentarily. And then whether they want it or not, these devils manage to show their power.

And then suddenly, the whole world seems against you. The girls whispering on the bench next to yours are talking about you. The group of students talking in their native language are talking about you. Your professor hates you and is deliberately giving you a bad grade. Your employer does not like your race and is giving you a hard time. The cab driver is out to get you. The poem that your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend wrote has a special meaning for you. Your friend did not return your text message because she does not like you. Even the snow that attacked your town today fell only because you had an important appointment to reach on time to. Because you are so important.

These devils exist in everyone's minds. For some people, they are more in number, for some more powerful, and for others, powerful and numerous but unable to deter the individual with their incessant screeching. What is their key? I don't know. For I dont fall in that category. However, I am assuming that it would mean awareness, the presence of mind, and the ability to remain unperturbed. The awareness these devils exist, the presence of mind to fight them and let them allay, and the ability to be able to ignore the fact that sometimes these devils are not evil and may in fact be telling us the truth. In short, to be calm no matter what you think others are saying.

Thanks, and keep your chin up. You are not that important to others. And because you are important for yourself!

4 Words of Wisdom:

Neehar said...

I think it happens to everyone at some time. All we humans need is an external trigger. Paranoia in some amount is a natural emotion which may be attributed to the instinct of self defense. Human brain is indeed very complex.

Mansi Trivedi said...

"The girls whispering on the bench next ..... you are so important."
So true. We are not the center of the universe yet we feel this way sometimes.
Personal incident, I was going to Richmond one weekend and there was a storm in Chicago due to which my flight was canceled and I was confident it is because of my bad-luck and my desperation to go to richmond. sigh. we let these thoughts cross our mind without our permission. instead of treating them as thieves, we treat them as landlords.

Anonymous said...

I know the key to these devils - and just like actual (?) demons they need to be exorcised. This kind of Exorcism is not without its dangers and taxes the mind and body, but its a fight alrighe, and must be won for your own well-being.

Exorcists recite verses from the bible to get rid of demons. For the devils in one's own mind, the following lines of Dr Seuss ought to be powerful enough:

"I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see.
Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!"

sowri said...

well yes i agree there is a devil in every ones mind and the devil Grows bigger with pessimism and negativity. if u see young children u wouldnt find any devilish features I mean they can be disturbing but not real bad. Just becuase they cant sit idle and that doesnt leave their mind idle either .
But as you grow u see a few ups few downs and if the lows are a bit too much then it gets really difficult to keep your chin up.You dont really feel confident of wot u do. and this is when the devil inside u grows. this is when your brain starts working and thinking in all directions and more so in the devil way.when u turn out to be a loser u r not appreciated or encouraged to do the right thing.and i guess these kind of people normally end jobless or rather idle and effectively end up as the hub of bad things. So i just feel its the things that you see while you grow which feeds or kills the devil in your mind as in a mind that stays happy most of the time it grows even if idle doesnt turn out to be a devil .