Monday, December 24, 2007

Some Things Never Change

Often times we wish for things that are not. For example, we wish to be thinner, we wish that our next door neighbor was nicer, we wish that our exams were easier, we wish that our paycheck was bigger, and we wish that we were happier.

With the advent of the NEW YEAR, there are lots of people writing blogs on the things that they wish to change in 2008, a few new resolutions, a few old ones never fulfilled, and a few that are in the process of being fulfilled. Anything new brings us hope, revives us, and makes us more optimistic.

But some things never change.

  • Some people will not stop complaining about their bad luck.
  • Some people will not stop fighting for control in their relationships.
  • Some people will not stop valuing money over people.
  • Some people will not stop bitching about others, on the telephone, on orkut, through blogs, through private messages, and in person.
  • Some people will not stop being jealous.
  • Some people will not stand up for themselves or others.
  • Some people will not stop being selfish and vain.
  • Some people will not respect others or their property.
  • Some people will not be appreciative no matter what you do for them.
  • Some people will judge others based on their beauty.
  • Some people will not stop being annoying or irritable.
  • Some people will just not change.

Sometimes, our new year resolutions dont matter if they involve others. Sometimes, it is two-way traffic. Sometimes, no matter how much we wish to change, we cannot because others wont let us. Sometimes, only sometimes.

Merry Christmas. Wish you all good luck with your new year resolutions!

23 Words of Wisdom:

Cinderella. said...

Me first .... eh ?
This post made me ponder...about certain people I know who are so very like the ones you talked about here.
I feel sorry for their squinted vision. And I'm glad you aint like that.
I have never made any resolutions. None what-so-ever. Never felt the urge to do them infact.
Goodluck with yours, if you have one.
Merry Christmas lady.And have a beautiful 2008 !!

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Solitaire,
I just dropped by to say thank you for visiting my blog and for the meaningful comments you left behind. I will be coming back to your blogs to read all three of them. I have already linked this blog with mine and I hope you will do the same with your blog. Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year to you. God bless and may you enjoy the best of the holiday season.

Pri said...

very true!
some things never change..some people never do :)

here's wishing ur family and u a very merry christmas...
hope the coming year bring a lotaa plesant changes and smiles for u...
keep blogging!!

Deepali said...

Merry Chirstmas
Happy Birthday (in advance)
Happy New Year (in advance)

You got a resolution? Last year I made one - not to make 'resolutions' - guess was the only one I have kept :)

Change is always difficult - most of the time the other person doesn't care or struggles too much to change. Sometimes it's just easier to change ourselves so that we can deal with said persons. But then again like you said, sometimes even we can't.

Sam said...

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)
WOW!! I quite liked this one.. somehow never thought of this side of things for New Years.. and I think its easier said than done not to be any of the listed, I think I am (atlest a bit of a few)and will try doing my best to improve!! :)

annie said...

Hey..lovely blog. Am yet to read ur stuff but in one glance I can make out that they my kinda writings. Also, thanks fro dropping by my blog!

romila said...

Merry Christmas & Happy new year to you too.

Did you have an eventful bday? Hope a post is coming up on this.

Blog Boy said...

Hey Solitaire,

yes you are right....some people has habits of doing complaints in everything..If on wants to achieve something in life they have to stop complaining and start thinking to get answers of "WHY"...
Nice post!!!

Vandita said...

hmm ure right abt some ppl there, im just happy that none of the ppl i know are one of the some :)
i just wanted to say thanks for droppin by my blog and also that im blogrollin u, if u dont mind.
Seasons greetings...hope u have a wonderful year ahead!
will keep comin back to read ya!

Archangel Lucifer said...

happy birthday...sneha

from archangel,
The Gaurdian Demon.

c e e d y said...

It is an interesting tot....
It may sound stupid - just something that I think about - but we all including me, we all are living on being happy expecting things out of others - which as usual is our interpretation of what others shld or shld not do - in the process we forget that they are doing the same about us.....

this wants to to paraphrase from Any Rands book "Virtue of Selfishness"
where she goes onto say that we have to learn to be selfish - a positive selfishness - that empowers us and our thoughts - which in turn will reflect outwards and then things will not matter as much :)

happy holidays :)

c e e d y said...

well am i missing something....dont get the connection of your bday....anyways happy bday in advance - tat means you are a fella wonder "psycho" :)

Solitaire said...

@ Cinderella, Just like you..I stopped making them when I realized that I never fulfill them.

@ Mel, You are most welcome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

Solitaire said...

@ Pri, let's hope the nice people dont change too!

@ Deepali, thanks for the wishes. :)
I have learned not even to bother changing the other people but to change the way I interact with them.

Solitaire said...

@ Sam, Thanks for your wishes and good luck with the changes! Glad to know that some people do introspect, accept their flaws, and are willing to change on them rather than being defensive and calling ME a bitch! :)

Solitaire said...

@ annie, thanks a lot!

@ romila, birthday blog..huh..let's see..if something inspirational happens, I will!! Did you read my blog on birthdays prior to this one?

@ blog boy, well said!

Solitaire said...

@ archangel, thanks for your wishes!

@ ceedy, it is my birthday today. :)
And yes, am a typical Capricornian. When's yours?

@ vandita, no problems at all and thanks! :)
You are lucky to not know of anyone in that category OR you are nice enough to ignore them and not take them to heart!

Risha said...

Happy Birthday Solitaire !!!

May the New year bring to you lotsa love, light and laughter!!

c e e d y said...

hey cool, happy birthday to you....
mines second.....enjoi da day....

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was so true!Loved the post!

Season's Greetings to you :)

Sam said...

Hahha, I guess we all have those little bitches within us..its just about how well we hide that side!! ;)

Anjuli said...

Was it your Happy Budday yesterday??????

Sorry :-( for not having wished you yesterday...

but never mind...what are belated wishes for...


Hope u had fun and it was a wonderful day for u!

I wish u love, luck, laughter and success not only for the coming year but for your whole life!



Solitaire said...

@ Risha. Thanks!! :)

@ Sameera, to you too!!

@ Sam, TRUE!! I can't hide it but some people I know can very well. Are you one of them?? :)

@ Anjuli, ya it was!! :) Thanks a lot!