Monday, July 23, 2007

Shoes, handbags, clothes!

Do you have over 20 pairs of shoes, a closet overflowing with clothes, and 4 vip bags full of more clothes that did not fit into the closet? And yet, do you look at your clothes each morning and let out a sigh while saying, "I dont have anything good to wear!"?

A few weeks ago, I realized that I fell into this category of girls described above. The number of clothes in my possession overwhelmed me as I cleaned out my closet in frustration. I came across something I bought in 1995 that looks hideous in 2007. I am proud to say that it still fits. Perhaps, one of the reasons I never threw it away!! Maybe I was waiting for a day that I would outgrow it and hence have a "valid" reason to chuck it instead of merely being bored with it and thus be in the danger of looking like someone with whimsical tastes and a lot of money to spare and spend.

And as I spent the entire day folding and unfolding the huge mountain of clothes, I realized that there are some garments that I bought just for the heck of them being on sale and had never worn them while there were some that I had held on to with the hope that I would one day be "thin" enough to look good in them. Needless to say, that point of satisfaction has still not come and they still remain new with labels on them.

Well, the 4 VIP bags have now been reduced to 2. And the wardrobe that was once overflowing is now quite open to newer clothes. What an irony!! Guilt laden, I think of the number of rupees and dollars spent on these clothes, and how I could perhaps use this money today towards the gas that my car guzzles each week, these days. Thank God for Salvation Army that accepts donations. I at least know that these clothes will be put to good use as opposed to being used as a mop for the kitchen floor.

Now let's start talking about the shoes and the handbags..or maybe not!! I guess, by now, you must have an idea. Are you one of those girls too? Any Carrie Bradshaws reading this article and wanting to rave about the number of Manolo Blahniks they have!!?

Thank you, and keep donating.

3 Words of Wisdom:

SB said...

Luckily for me, i hate shopping..that doesn't mean my closet couldn't still use a clean up..i have tried narrowing it down to as much as i can, but then there are occassions, which bring desires...and hence the need. oh well, anyone who knows me knows that i reuse clothes in various ways and i have no guilt...

Maitreyee said...

I know exactly where this is coming from. In fact, I doubt that there will be a single female homo sapien, regardless of age, who does not feel the same way. It's not even about being a shopoholic. (Btw...I proudly declare that I'm not a shopoholic.) I don't have an itch to shop every other day, nor would I splurge a hundred and fifty dollars on a bag that I absolutely crave with all my heart.
However, I've still ended up with more clothes and shoes and bags that my suitcases and closets can contain. In fact, while moving out of my apartment of two years I realised I needed a big box specifically for handbags.
Is that something to be ashamed of though? I think not. I think it's just who we are as females. We're sugar and spice and everything nice.. and we own many clothes, shoes and handbags!

Pavi!!!! said...

Kudos to managed to give away the clothes...
I never have the heart to give 'em away..coz i pick everythin jus 'coz its "soooooooooooo Nice"..n then I don find the "Right Occassion" to wear the stuff..Their either "too grand" or "too simple" and then there are some occassions when "I simply have nothing to wear"!! God..Cure me of this disease.

BTW..i'm no shopaholic too...jus collected 'em over the years n my 10th grade dress is yet in perfect condition and fits me just fine:|