Monday, July 30, 2007

User Manual on Cheating

Are you cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Then you surely need a user manual to do so, for research says that the truth always comes out! Also, there are some "poor" cheaters out there who always get caught sooner than the mean. So if you want to improve your skills, here is a user manual for you. There is no guarantee that your partner won't find out but he/she will find out later than the average population does.

1. Always delete your text msgs to your lover-inbox/sent/trash...all folders.
2. The same applies to your emails.
3. Make sure that you "do stuff" discretely, not in public.
4. Make sure you dont absolutely have this need to "have a girls night out" or "hang out with the guys" every single night.
5. Make sure that you have a different telephone line to talk to your lover and that you always answer your partner's phone calls.
6. Make sure you get rid of all receipts of the flowers you sent or the movies you saw together.
7. Make sure that you dont bring back the scent of his/her perfume on your clothes when you return home.
8. Make sure you dont talk in your sleep at night and blurt out what you are dreaming about. perhaps get the hang of absolutely careful!

However, this manual is not complete without the next set of tips. Last but not the least:

9. Make sure that your heart is made of steel because you will lose the one who is oblivious about your deeds and continues to be loyal to you.
10. Be prepared for your lover to leave you for someone else, just like you left your partner for him/her.
11. Be prepared to live a life filled with guilt, and hopefully some remorse.
12. Be prepared for people to point fingers at you.
13. Be prepared to lose some of your friends who will disapprove of what you did.
14. Be prepared to live a lonely life full of insecurities.
15. Be prepared to be cheated on for what goes around comes around.

Hope this user manual is helpful to those out there who think variety is the spice of life. Maybe it is, but there will be a price to pay for it. Willing to do so..go for it!! My advice for the victims (their partners)..hang in there!! Everything happens for a reason!

Thanks, and stay loyal.

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Sandeep said...

Hmmmmm Interesting.

BTW since when did u started your training as a Love doctor ????