Sunday, August 19, 2007

Marriages are made in heaven....

Summers=Weddings, at least in the United States.

This is the wedding season and I hear of someone being married or engaged every other week. Exciting? For some. Boring? For many.

And yet, weddings are often alone/reflective/ruminative/thought provoking times for me. Its a time for me to travel into the past and into the future.

I wonder, how would my life have been if I had married someone last year, or the year before that.
How would life have been if I would have married my first crush?
How will my life if I do marry my current boyfriend?

Will I "compromise" for the ideal guy is surely not out there? Or will I be deemed flexible because I will choose to accept his bad qualities and accept him for who he is. And then what? Is marriage truly a journey together? Or is it a compromise you make because you dont want to live with roommates all your life? Is marriage an escape from the fear of loneliness?

I have single friends. I have divorced friends. They all talk about their parents' concerns about them having to live alone. I have had an uncle tell me that I should not wait too much to get married for then I will never want to..


Is being "alone" the worst state that anyone can be in that we have to resort to marrying a stranger (in the case of an arranged marriage) or someone that we can very well simply live with (in the case of a romantic relationship) without the legal binding?

Marriage. I wonder...does it not get boring to see the same person every day when you wake up in the morning? Maybe, it does and that's why the extra marital affairs.

Marriage. When will it happen? Will it be the end or the beginning of my solitude? Time will tell.

Weddings. Pomp. Show. Expenses. Food. Drink. Dance. Celebrations.

Celebration of the fact that this person will now not be alone. This person now has a roommate for life. This person will now be happy. Hmmmmm.. Really? Time will tell.

Thanks, and good luck on finding your roommate, if you have not already found one.

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