Thursday, August 30, 2007

I hope I never...

  • Turn into that woman who will forget about her girlfriends when she is with her husband..
  • Turn into that woman who looks more like her husband's mother than his wife..
  • Turn into that woman who constantly talks about her mother-in-law's antics..
  • Turn into that woman whose topic of conversation surrounds jewellery, clothes, shoes, hair, and makeup..
  • Turn into that woman who will put on 60 lbs during pregnancy never to lose it back again..
  • Turn into that woman who is constantly bitching about what others did to her husband..
  • Turn into that woman who spends 50 dollars a week on her beauty parlor appointments..


  • Turn into a "typical" woman.....the one who nags, the one who has no brains, the one who cannot drive, the one who cries at the drop of a hat, the one who looks good only in the kitchen, the one who used to belong to her father and now to her husband, the one who will come back home from work and cook and keep house clean......

I am afraid I will be one of these women, one day. I am afraid I will be one of those gender-boxed women. A woman that society expects a woman to be and will then look down upon her for being that way. I am afraid that I might be snubbed for trying to be a different woman...and out-of-the-box woman. And I am afraid that no matter what I do, people will look at me as a woman...and not the woman.

Thanks, and respect women.

1 Words of Wisdom:

Sandeep said...

Aragorn: You have some skill with a blade.
Eowyn: The women of this country learned long ago, those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain.
Aragorn: What do you fear, my lady?
Eowyn: A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.
Aragorn: You are a daughter of kings, a shield maiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate.