Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Impression is the Last Impression?

  • Ever encountered unexpected guests and been embarassed about the mess in the living room?
  • Ever dressed up for a first date or helped someone pick out an outfit before they "see" a prospective candidate for their groom or bride?
  • Ever noticed how a guy or a girl in a club will smooth their hair and perk up before they approach a stranger to flirt with?
  • Ever notice someone meet a friend's parents for the first time and instantly put on a "good girl" or "ideal son" attitude?
All this because we want to create a GOOD impression. A good impression helps the encounter take place again if that is your ultimate goal. But hey, if you are messy, you can't always tidy up your apartment to hide that fact and maintain your impression. If you are annoying, your "good girl" impression will not last long.

Are first impressions always the last impression?
If so, would we have so many sour relationships, divorces, breakups, etc?

I recently wrote a testimonial for someone on Orkut (here I go again!). Now I get teased for writing that testimonial for that person's impression in my mind is just the opposite of what I wrote. Unfortunately, my words were based on my first impression which triggered several other encounters with that person, only for me to realize that my first impression will certainly not remain the last impression. Likewise, there have been people that I had not cared to interact with in the past, who are now the best of my friends.

If first impressions truly are the last impressions, why do they say "nafrat pyar ki pehli seedi hai"?

Thanks, and realize, you are who you are..the first impression eventually wont matter!

3 Words of Wisdom:

Ujwal said...

well...point taken...i guess being natural is the key...however, but first impression many a times lasts longer...and hence cud be a bearing factor in the future of the relationship or comfort level...

Neeraj Singh said...

Well I still judge almost most of the people by their .. first look but .. the trick to make an opinion is watch them ... when they are totally unaware of being.. watched... bole to when people are their natural self

Sandeep said...

Or else watch them after they down three four patiala pegs of JD. The inner self shows out automatically