Sunday, August 12, 2007

Desh Drohi?

On the occasion of India's Independence Day, let us define motherland. Is motherland where one was born, where one's race comes from, where one grew up or is it where one's ancestors were from? People are conflicted about this and the dictionary is not that clear about it. So well, can we then make it subjective?

We so easily throw the word "desh drohi" around when someone says something ill about India. Desh drohi=TRAITOR? According to the dictionary, one must be involved in treason to be called a traitor. So is someone who criticizes India then a traitor? Are NRIs who choose to leave India to reside in "better" places also traitors then? I read on a forum written by an NRI that just because he does not reside in India does not mean that he does not feel equally about India's events as do its residents. So are feelings enough then for him to qualify as a patriot or should he be contributing to the country in some way?

If NRIs are traitors, then are Parsis also traitors for leaving their own country to come to India? You will maybe say no for they had a valid reason to flee to India. Then do NRIs also have equally valid reasons for fleeing India to live in the US or UK or wherever else the latest fad may be..(Australia, New Zealand, etc.)? If NRIs are not traitors, then why are they residing in another country, paying taxes to that country, buying property in that country, and giving birth to children in that country.

Those children are now born as ABCDs. What about ABCDs? Agreed that they might be confused as the C in the acronym stands for. But should they be singing Jana Gana Mana on the 15th of August, or should they be singing The Star Spangled Banner on the 4th of July? After all, their ancestors were from India but their own generational roots began in the US? If they chose one over the other, will the other call them a "desh drohi"? If they decided to sing both, will they called true patriots?

I am confused and puzzled. Maybe it is after all subjective. Maybe it best remains subjective due to the sensitive nature of the topic. Maybe....I am a desh drohi.

Thanks, and love thy country!

2 Words of Wisdom:

Nirav said...

I would say, India is far off more than defining a "traitor"... to me the definition of a "patriotism" has always been disdained.. I dont know if it would make sense but to truely think of INDIA, all we care is for what ? ..


i wish 15th august had now more meaning to it than just commemorating the past . Why not have like a PERFECT DAY 2015 !! atleast that gives a self evaluation and a motive to succeed on future targets !...

Sandeep said...

One historical finding.

Mahatma Gandhi studied in London, and was all set to settle in South Africa, till Charles Freer Andrews asked him to pay a visit to India in 1914