Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Are You Complaining About?

Disclaimer: This product contains facts. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is not coincidental. It is intentional.

She was married at the age of 13, a widow at the age of 34, is currently 83.
She gave birth to 4 children, lost one a few years ago, and currently lives with her daughter.
She studied till the 7th grade but educated her children all the way through college.
She was born in a rich family but her father squandered all the money on vices. She worked as a maid to help raise her siblings, and later on her own children.

You dont have shoes to match your outfit.
You dont have enough clothes.
Your roommates suck.

What are you complaining about?

She was born beautiful and won several hearts.
She married at the age of 25 and was divorced at the age of 29.
Her husband abused her for four years and she decided to keep quiet for the sake of her family's reputation in society.
She is currently single and lonely because she is "divorced". Still beautiful.

You don't have a date on Valentine's Day?
You are 5 pounds overweight?
Your hair is too frizzy on a humid day?

What are you complaining about?

He was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 8.
He went through a bone marrow transplant every few months for several years.
He lost several years of education, normal childhood, fun and frolic.
His parents now live hand to mouth because they spent all their earnings and savings on their child's treatment. He survived.

Gas prices are too high?
You hate your professor?
You got a B in one of your classes?

What are you complaining about?

Life is too short and precious to worry about grades, a small checking account or idiotic people around you. Live like there is no tomorrow. Who knows, today may be your last day on this earth. Make it count!

31 Words of Wisdom:

Solitaire said...

This is a repost. Hope it makes those who are lonely on Valentine's Day feel a little bit better..

Anonymous said...

It does It does!

Its really good one, all the incidents have happened I know!

My elder cousin brother was a good looking chap , young but he was diagonised with a kidney problem, it failed! at the mere age of 26, he had to do dialysis every month or something!

He lost his valor, jest to live and face others! He doesn't socialize anymore! I miss the ols him, but I don't know what I can do to make him feel better! He takes every thing as "sympathy/pity" for his situation.

now he is way better! but he reminds me tht anything can happen anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Very well said :) Where is the tag ?

Keshi said...

beautiful post!

I wrote a VERY similar post but havent posted it yet...


nik said...

excellent post ... one of the best in my opinion ... very eye-opening and humbling....good work

... and neat idea on the neo-blogger plugin as well... nice to see the demographics of your readers.

Neetal said...

nice post =)

:: Clouds :: said...

You know what all I wanna do is hug you tight after reading this.

*hugs to you,SnehaDi*

Solitaire said...

@ Veens, yes, anything can happen to us at any time. Let us not waste time complaining about trivial issues.

@ Ashu, did you find it? Its on WARM FUZZIES.

@ Keshi, thanks. Waiting to read yours.

Solitaire said...

@ Nik, thank you! Was curious to know who reads my blogs.

@ Neetal, thanks!!

@ Clouds, awwww..hugs back!!

Anjuli said...

nice one..really!

and please don't talk about valentine's... :-P

nik said...

you can chalk up one reader from Redlands, CA amongst those. :)

Anurag said...

i am speechless....AMAZING post
keep up the posting gujjuben

Lena said...

thats a great post dear!!
i really have no words but nobody could have said it better!!
We tend to complain when we have got an amazing life to enjoy and be happy! Nobody can stop us except ourselves.

m.flowerr said...

beautiful post!!

Mez said...

U threw me back by the time you ended it. Am scared & wanna live today like neva before *on a thinking mode*. Why cant ppl love seflessy if they realise tommorrow mite neva come? I hope ur post makes that difference somewhere. U are a thinker & a fab one at that.

Sam said...

nice take!!! :)

Sourish Karmakar said...

awesome :)
u wonderfully depicted wat misery in real is :) and the difference between wat common thinking about misery is ....


Đžidhi S said...


it actually hits at the right point and touches you the way you intended to...

i havent been left with any words....

its not about feeling better...its about wasting all that time not thinking or feeling such things.

it happens..yaar...i have a relative - a family that lost sooo much

your blog actually inspires me for my next post would be again an inspiration from you.

Vandita said...

it does make me feel a tad bit better ...thanks sneha :)

wildflower said...

Thank you...You indeed made me feel better!

Solitaire said...

@ Anjuli, no escaping that TODAY!

@ Nik, haha!! Already knew that through secret sources.

@ Anurag, thank you!!

@ Lena, thanks lady. Are you feeling better now?

@ M. Flower, thank you!!

Solitaire said...

@ Mez, thank you so much. Live today like it is your last. Seriously. Have a nice day!

@ Sam, thank you!

@ Sourish, thank you!

@ Nidhi, wow. Inspiration from me? Sounds too grandeur. But I am glad that you liked this post. :) Thank you!!

@ Vandita, you are welcome! Keep smiling!

@ Wildflower, you are welcome too and thank you for visiting my blog!

Sweetstickychewy said...

I totally love this post! FantasticA!!:D

interesting blog.

romila said...

Well structured post, nicely put across. Liked the layering & formatting part.

c e e d y said...

Yup - thats how I live life - every night thanks for the wonderful day....could be the last day and if you do get up in the morning think of it as a bonus.....

but i cant stop complaining about bad coffee....once i have been given the bonus day

Sulz said...

[:)] surprising that the level-headed-always-planning-for-something- Sneha Desai has written " live like there is no tomorrow and dont worry" ! turning a blind eye to a probable problem doesnt take it way. Having learnt it the hard way, I can say Live life to the fullest but care about your future ... every moment you have lived is a million dollars each BUT every moment you will live is priceless ! so enjoy it wisely !

Mush said...

Loved this..! Its so relative to what I always try to say .. ! Had written a poem long back as why we complain about small things ..kinda smiliar to this post .. Check it :) -

carolinagal said...

Good one. So true!

Pavi!!!! said...

I remember having read this post on ur blog, when I was a quiet visitor, who merely read and thought about it to myself rather than commenting!

n yes..when we look at the Big Picture, the things we cry about seem way too trivial!Our generation is so much more demanding and has a tendency to remain is good wrt some things but very bad wrt certain things!

n yes, yes, yes rgdg living like today is the last Day..infact thats the same thing I have written under my blog title!

PS: Hope u had a nice day yesteray :)

Satish Bolla said...

Buddy, if any of my friends feel sick of life, I'll recommend your name as a pshycologist without a second thought.

Deepali said...

'Make it count' is good advice.