Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hum Tum-II

Alright! Enjoyed Hum Tum-I where women received some bashing and men chuckled to themselves? Then I decided to write another Hum Tum where men would feel not so wonderful and guess what? Everything serious came to my head!! Does that mean that women make a big deal out of small things and men a bigger deal out of small and big things? Or does that mean that some arguments are frivolous and can be resolved through humor but that some differences between men and women are so stark that they might actually cause serious rifts in the relationship?

Warning: This MIGHT make you smile but it will make you angry too!


He: Who is that guy?
She: Oh he is my best pal Rakesh. Remember I told you about him?
He: I think he likes you.
She: HUH?
He: Yeah I can tell from the way he talks to you.
She: But he knows I have a boyfriend.
He: It does not matter. I know men. I tell ya!
She: Haha. You are crazy.
He: I don't want you talking to him.
She: I can't stop talking to him.

She is upset. He is angry. Rakesh is oblivious.


He: I am sorry I cannot make it to the party tonight.
She: But you promised.
He: Something came up.
She: Please.
He: Work is important, you know.
She: Finish it fast.
He: NO! I cannot!!!
She: Stop being rude.
He: You do not understand, do you? Why do we have to go through this every single time?
She: Then don't do this everytime!
He: Fine! I will come if that's all you care about.
She: No need to. (hangs up)
He: (calls again)
She: (does not answer)
He: (calls up again)
She (does not answer)
He: (After 8 hours, calls again): I am sorry.
She: That's ok.

She lets go after being miserable for 8 hours. He got his work done.


She: Sheela had a baby last week and guess what they named the baby?
He: Uh huh.
She: Guess.
He: I don't know. You tell me.
She: Chitranjan.
He: Okay.
She: No reaction?
He: Ya. It's an odd name.
She: And guess what? Ratna told me that our boss is laying people off next week.
He: Uh huh.
She: Are you listening?
He: Not really.
She: What?
He: So what can I do if they are laying people off?
She: I am just telling you because I am worried.
He: But there is nothing I can do about it. What do you want me to do with information?

She picks up the phone to call her mother. He goes back to reading

40 Words of Wisdom:

Neetal said...

The first scene is so much of a Déjà vu ... with Mr.X ... but somehow guys do have sense of knowing that...

for instance, If I'm bored I can pretty much talk to a chair and end up asking "how do you feel being on four feet!" and so at times easily perceived as a friendly person... and tend to have good friends.... however for this one friend X suspected to hve liked me ... kinda came true....


That friend asked me out right after my breakup... when I have been rude...and explicitly explained the theory behind pure friendship... still acts weird...

o well... i like more of your 'Hum Tums' =)

badshah khan said...

nice that u got a few names ...chitranjan ,sheela and ratna .....reminds me of some wierd people as well

Cinderella. said...

Girl..its Deja Vu...written all over...!!!
Guys just know how to switch off. The moment they find out you got a fren who turns out to be a guy, they dont like him...reason or no reason.They'll leave you to deal with yourself and then wait...wait until they think the temperature must have gone down and then coem around with a fucked up "sorry"...!!
What are they thinking ?
You tell me...

Solitaire said...

@ Neetal, Guys like to flirt around all the time and that is harmless. But if a guy likes us, all hell breaks loose! So much so that sometimes, we are blamed for being flirtatious and making people fall in love with us!

@ Badshah, its interesting that you choose not to comment on the men's weird behavior but only on the weird names in there.

@ Cinderella, are they even capable of thinking? Maybe we women should stop too!

Deepali said...

haha 1 and 2 nicely done - though you are right while 1 seems funny 2 doesn't.

Anyway makes you wonder why people bother about relationships anyways - even when they know they are going to be in situations where there will be more issues than they can handle.

maverick said... for the scenes damn it!!....director is waiting..the script is ready..n everyones read it...get into ur roles...

scene 1

shahid n kareena --saif u r rahul

scene 2

shahid n kareena or saif n kareena

scene 3

kareena n her husband(i guess) :D

Neetal said...

P.S: I was trying to bookmark your blog... and found out that you are Gujju =D

Ah! Hah! , it was kinda cool to discover that you happen to be a fellow Gujaratiben ;)

Preethi said...

Oh my God. solitaire you are priceless. That was hilarious. But the men did not come out too bad in this as well.... mmmm.... nevermind that i enjoyed it. And i'm thinking i'll read this out to my hubby this evening and guess what, he'll be 1/4 tuned to me, 3/4th on T. V. I startd laughing when this thought crossed my head. And guess what we'd end up with an argument that he doesn't care about my blogging enuf!! :)

Ok, now i'm thinking how you'd react once married. You'll not be like the 'she' here... having understood their psyche so well. You'll have a helluva lot of fun gal.

Anurag said...

for the first scene...guys have a sixth sense... :o)

second scene...poor guy has to get the work done na...otherwise its going to be him getting laid off in the third scene :o)

Anonymous said...

my comment ?

Solitaire said...

@ Deepali, because we all need companions, or so we think.

@ Maverick, Kareena toh kya, kanchana, kokila, karishma, kusum, everyone!!!!

@ Preethi, men will always be men and women, always women. Therefore, knowing their psyche will not matter. I will go through the same motions and crib and cry and yell and do all the things that normal people do!!
So how did your husband react?

@ Neetal, Kem chho? :)

Solitaire said...

@ Anurag, maybe you do!! I had a friend who always thought that the whole world was in love with me!! And as one of my friends put it, "if men have to work overtime, its sacred. if women have to work overtime, hell breaks loose".

@ Ashu, there is no comment from you...

Anurag said...

disagree disagree
today women also work in same roles n with similar schedules as men
but general...yes...its usually women who have to sacrifice on work for family..

carolinagal said...

MENstrual Cramps
MENtal Anxiety
MENtal Breakdown

Did you ever notice how so many of our problems begin with MEN??

Relax guys, its just a joke (actually stolen from my fridge magnet)

Solitaire said...

@ Anurag, today women may be working the same schedules but yet today women are making the sacrifices? Why?

Deepti said...

nice post and women are wired so differently ... as they say "opposites attract"

romila said...

Ha! Interesting and quite true too.

Scene one actually happened to me before I got married. There was, still is, my best friend(a guy) whom my bf(now husband) thoroughly dislike, for no reason. He said exactly what you wrote here, "I think he likes you". Just like that. There were big time fights on this, with me threatening to quit the relationship if he kept on commenting abt my friend.
Anyway, post marriage, my hubby became v. friendly with my friend.

Men! till now I fail to understand 'em sometimes.

Meghna said...

Hi Solitaire,
A true one. both the parts a real entertainers with a touch of humor. must say, enjoyed reading your blog very much! :D

Lena said...

well..thats how life is... different mentality .. like someone said "When women are upset they go shopping... men invade another country.. thats how different mentality works"
Our task is to find a touching point here.

wooster said...

enjoyed both the parts :)

@ scene 1: can say, we too have some sorta sixth sense ;) but yes, not all guys would ask their girls to stop talking to guys they are friendly with :)

most of Hum Tum I & II - deja vu :)

Solitaire said...

@ Deepti, yeah true!

@ Romila, haha! He was insecure. Once you were his, so to speak, all was rosy! Men ARE funny!

@ Meghna, then keep coming back for more!

@ Lena, as usual, it will be women who will try to find a meeting point!

@ Wooster, hahahah!! I guess that's how life was, is and will be!

Ujwal said...

lol...super stories again....all close to reality!

Can these things be avoided ?? Never!

c e e d y said...

Very well put :
First One - This is about personal confidence and insecurities. Can happen with both sexes - and the opposite is true too - if you are cool with the girl talking to someone - she hits back saying - you are not jealous and dont love me enuf....
Second - Again I strongly beleive - marry or be with like professional people - they understand each other - this too can be avoided.
Three - no comment

Solitaire said...

@ Ujwal, I don't think they can be avoided but we can avoid them creating huge rifts. What do you think?

@ Ceedy, why no comment for the third?

Mez said...

Love u for this.U know men so well sweetie.U know if a guy findz a galz tatoo sexy then thtz fine but if the gal points out some guy as cute...omg then u shud war III...happnd wid me :(

How unfair is that now?

Alameen said...

amazin one..
third scene is damn hilarious...

btw, all gals are united in ur comments section... huh..

Cosmic Joy said...

Scared .. thats what I felt reading these. Because intertwined within the humour, there is an undercurrent of truth in these stories. You are right about how some differences can cause serious rifts.

c e e d y said...

Thid no comment cause I might sould selfish here - but if both partners can realize that talks like these sometimes are irrelevant - instead one should expend that energy in pursuing each others interests....

strollinthunder said...

When a man is in a close relationship with a woman it is a very intense felling for them, perhaps more than what women display(not a myth, but a less understood fact).
Any intruder is always viewed with a distinct suspicion, this is not a social factor but a evolutionary truth..women need to interpret this as man's way of displaying his love towards her.

Anonymous said...


na! I am not angry at all :)
When was I with a guy last?! lemme think :)
But now I do think.. wwomen do make issues out of no where.. and guys.. makes issues cuz they don't look for the "no where" girl sare talkin abt ;D

I am confused..!

Y are we still together :D

Cinderella. said...

Yeah....maybe we should.
But our genes....damn !!!!
Have a great sunday.

Solitaire said...

@ Mez, if guys knew how to be fair, then so many world wars would not have happened...

@ Alameen, so still thinking about marriage or not?

@ Cosmic Joy, don't be scared. All men and women go through the same thing. You are not alone!

@ Ceedy, if everyone had the presence of mind to do that then what else was required?

Solitaire said...

@ Strollinthunder, since when is jealousy/possessiveness=love? You make SRK in Darr sound like an ok man. If women get jealous of other girls in the man's life then women are pooh poohed..Why?

@ Veens, if you are not with a guy right now, then sit back and enjoy the wars of the sexes that your friends are experiencing!!

@ Cinderella, just like they have a sex-change operation these days, maybe they should come up with a mental set-up operation as well!


Pavi!!!! said...

I got Vinod( the hubby) to read both the posts, we both had a good laugh (me, for the 2nd time)...n as a fun exerise..each of us wrote down on seperate piees of paper, which of these scenes, we thot, were a part of our lives...n whn we matched our results Guess Wot...Voila.. both our results matched :
HumTum I - scenes 1,2,3
HumTum II - Scene 3
n we've spent the rest of the wknd teasing each other at every oppurtunity!

Thought i should thank u frm both of us :-)

anuj said...

well hum-tum .. its alwyz been a topic of concern and rightly so .. the two sexes understanding one another ..

n well a bunch of us frndz (including a gal) was having a similar discussion .. like one my frndz came across this gal who would call her bf evry 15 mins to tell him this hapnd n that hapnd ..evn if she put her feet dwn the couch .. n d guyz tht we were we called it 'outrageous' hehhee .. n pitied d guy .... but thn thts jus a case ..
obviously we like talking ..but thn it varies a lot happens a lot of times lately that someone on the other end is blaberring and m all listening .. n after a while is a deathning silence ..

but thn ..its hard to understnd each other ..sadly :(

but nice post :)

Solitaire said...

@ Pavi, that is so awesome!!! Wow! I contributed to a good weekend huh. I like that.

@ Anuj, ok. Calling your bf every 15 minutes is not something every girl does. That girl seriously needs to do something about it otherwise all the guys who know her are going to stereotype women in that category.

Vandita said...

yeah scene 1 is soo familiar, hasnt happened to me quite exactly but something like that.
and even scene 3...there are absolutely no reactions!!

Abhay said...

scene 1 deja vu, i've been in rakesh's position twice in the last two years :)

Prachi said...

the 1st scene is sooooo common...
i am not in a relationship yet i have experienced it. even my frnds talk to me like tht (sometimes).

men get more than jealous than women do!!!!

abt the 2nd ....m still in the studies mode....yet to experience this working atmosphere arnd me...

3rd....its opp wid me....i dont get a chance to talk crap.....and some of my frnds go on n on n on ....and m like.....ya??....ok???

even men like to talk incessently.... if only the poor creatures were given a chance.....:D

Known Stranger said...

what ever the subject gals like to talk talk and talk and talk over it to get over it.