Sunday, March 16, 2008

Am I Crazy?

Here are some sentences that you may have uttered to someone else, heard them being uttered to someone else, or you may have been at the receiving end of them. It takes a second to say them and maybe several days for the listener to forget them..

"What!! You like Tuna Fish Salad? Yuck!"

"Gosh! You need to lose weight! You look fat in those shorts."

"How can you not cry? You must not be emotional enough."

"If I would have been in your place, I would have broken up with her a long time ago!"

"Look at the presents her husband gives her. Why can't you do the same?"

"What! You picked Commerce? Are you crazy?"

"You still single at 35? Everything alright?"

"Its high time you plan for a child now. Are you guys nuts to wait so long?"

"Baap re! How can you talk to your boss like that?"

"Have you no discipline? How can you wake up so late?"

"You are already 28. Why aren't you guys getting married? Is your mom not worrying?"

"What direction does your mind work in? How can you think like that?"

"Did you have a head injury when you were young? You are weird."

"All that you care about is sports. How come?"

"Oh my God! You are so boring. You always follow the speed limit."

I only have one answer for all the above statements..

"I am not crazy. I am just not you."

Think about it. Do people seem weird to us only because they are different from us and are not the way WE expect them to be?

60 Words of Wisdom:

Keshi said...

GREAT post hun! This is why I luv reading ur posts...u nail em!

I agree...ppl set STANDARDS on others and then they get disappointed and call em crazy.

We r all individuals and we must respect each other for that..this is exactly wut I asked for in my recent Diverse Individuality post...let ppl be the individuals that they r..dun 'force' your opinions n standards on others.

Fantastic post hun!


Sunil said...

"I am not crazy. I am just not you." -Very true.
I often get annoyed when people tend to mind my business.

Nice post. Seems as if it's my story. :)

Have a nice time.

gaurav said...

People laugh because i am different .. and i laugh because they r all the same.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

great post... but i love the answer more... i say the same thing when they tell me "but you're so young? how can you be so sure?"


Anonymous said...

Think about it. Do people seem weird to us only because they are different from us and are not the way WE expect them to be?

Now u got me thinking... n I guess this is a nice topic to blog about...thank u...:)

Anonymous said...

and hey... lolz i missed out on that poll....:)....the kiss wala..but i guess u read the post n knw the answer :)

aneri_masi said...

Sigh...if only we were not so judgmental about everything, the world would be so much more peaceful!

Was here to tell sis lives in Mount Vernon, very very small town (the only starbucks there is in the grocery store). Its about a 2 hrs drive from Dayton.

Vandita said...

well personally i always tell myself that im not qualified enough to judge...
loved the answer to all the questions...thats exactly what should be said!

Vandita said...

did ur long pending tag here

Sweetstickychewy said...

Love da post. Most of us do play that game be it conciously or not. And i got to say..

You said it so well with ya answer to all those questions.:D

Loved it.

Alok said...

Awesome post!

Well, I wrote about the same thing, but it isn't as straightforward as this one.

Very effective post, I must say.

Neeku said...

Had been on the receiving end for couple of them posted... it took a while to shake it off... At times some expectations are just beyond repair!

I really liked when you ended,

I am not Crazy. I am just not you !

Very true.

rayshma said...

how very true...!
and yeah, it's really irritating to have people who barely know u say such things! wonder y it's so difficult to understand that different is not weird... it's not even better or worse.. it's just different!!

Deepti said...

Almost felt tike page from the book of my life.. great great post!!! So many times we expect people to react the way we expect them to and then sulk and crib when they dont....

Anonymous said...

great one. besically we judge others on our own thought process, like how d we react to a question or a situation, when we find the reaction different from our reaction we term them as weird!!!!!

divya said...

yes, its only coz they are different from us!!

rOhit said...

Ah! Thats a concept I had thought about long back. :)
Indeed a thousand times YES to it.

c e e d y said...

that will make a cool tshirt for someone life me :)

c e e d y said...

and I have one which I wear all the time

"I have my own attitude - I dont need yours"

complements this post

Solitaire said...

@ Keshi, thank you!! We sometimes think that everyone in the world should be like us and that we set the norm.

@ Sunil, its everyone's story and yet sometimes, we tend to do the same to others.

@ Gaurav, how true!

Keshi said...

yes thats right.

Also I'd add this to ur last line:

"I am not crazy. I am just not you. And that makes pretty sane!"



vitruvian said...

i love the answer...
its so "In ur face dude!"
cool post..

Nemesis said...

Tuna? LoL. Read my latest post

Sam said...

Yeh, someone told me once: We often want the other person to be mirror of us and expect the same reactions rather reflections of ouselves!! Whom are we kidding??

Deobrat Singh said...

Reminds me of the days when I had just finished my graduation. Everyone was behind me to join the BIG COMPANY that had hired me from campus. But I decided to join a startup instead.
People said I was crazy. But you see, I really wasn't :)

Solitaire said...

@ Bubbles, irritating isn't it?

@ Samby, thank you!! do visit again for more "thought-provoking" blogs. Yes, I do know about your "first kiss". In fact, your post triggered this poll. So thank YOU! BTW, how old are you now?

@ Aneri, aah! I mapquested it. Its too far..but I can drop by if I am on my way to Cleveland!

Sam said...

dats because some ppl forget bthat tey need to respect the other person for what they are and not what they believe they should be!!
but i guess ppl wud never learn!!

Solitaire said...

@ Vandita, wow..that is amazing that you are able to correct yourself and say that!

@ Sweetsticky, thanks!!

@ Alok, thanks a ton! Great minds think alike.

@ Neeku, its so hard when we are at the receiving end but so easy for us to say it someone else.

Deepti said...

Great photu!!!!

Neeku said...

Tight shades ;)

Mez said...

Bang on.I have heard most of 'em. Funny how most of us come up with those but how differently each one of us handles when at the receiving end.I perhapas, believe in ignoring.

Pavi!!!! said...

I would rephrase "I am not Crazy. I am Just not you" to
"I AM Crazy ,Just Like you" !

n haan again its the problem of some stereotypicals behavior tht society expects of people. not knowing when,how and where it originated!

n many times people are in a particular situation not out of choice but due to
- a couple who are trying to have a baby for the last 'n' yrs,
- a single who can't seem to find his/her perfect match inspite of HUNTING for wat seems a zillion yrs
- a person who just can't seem to gain/lose weight

n in such situations are when people's random Qs/statements like these really hurt!. I wish people Think before they speak!

Solitaire said...

@ Rayshma, because different is not the norm and anything not the norm is abnormal!

@ Deepti, not only sulk and crib but also make them feel stupid!

@ Ashu, yeah! Because we are sooooo not weird!

@ Divya, and that is wrong! Haa!

Solitaire said...

@ Rohit, and how can I say no to you!? ;)

@ Ceedy, reallly? Maybe I should contact some people to make this a side business.

@ Keshi, someone else said.."I am crazy, just like you!" LOL!

@ Vitruvian, thank you namesake!

Solitaire said...

@ Nemesis, read it! LOL!

@ Sam, imagine if that were true, how much we would hate to see our clones walking around, and wonder how people are so not original, and then curse them for it!

@ Deborat, right!!! Just because you were doing something that they would not!

Solitaire said...

@ Sam, people will learn. When they are at the receiving end too many times, they will.

@ Deepti, thanks! :)

@ Neeku, good or bad? ;)

@ Mez, ignoring and remembering not to make the same mistake is the key..

Solitaire said...

@ Pavi, haha! I just told Keshi about your phrase. Its so easy for people to judge others without knowing the entire truth. But this is not only about people's helpless situations. Its also about their personality and how they were raised. What's wrong with liking Tuna fish? Some American might say, "you like eggs with curry in it, you are weird!" Or if someone does not like to cry, so be it! They might think the speaker is a crybaby!

People like to put others down, especially those with low self-esteem.

KP! said...

We all end up in this type of situation....:).

If you can Ignore them.

I beleive in this......
"those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind".

Pri said...

BINGO!! thats the way u gotta answer them...
if they cant deal with us, good for them..we dont need them to anyways...whatsay? :)

Neeku said...

Off course Good :)

Neeku said...

off course Good :) Looks good on you :)

Solitaire said...

@ KP, I have a lot of ppl in my life who matter and mind! :(

@ Neeku, thank you thank you!

@ Pri, ya! Why do they bother dealing with crazy ppl anyway? ;)

Impressionist said...

Well, I've been at the receiving end a lotta times! and I really hate it!


Ria said...

thts and amazin entry!!seriously i really dunno y r some ppl so bothered abt wht sumbody else is doin or rather not doin!an y does one need to see it from their own perspective coz something thts right for me may not be the right thing for sumbody else.

c e e d y said...

looking at the comments - now isnt this a worng place to post this - should'nt it be posted in some "normal" people circle of bloggers - the "not you" kinds ?

Solitaire said...

@ Impressionist, have you been at the giving end?

@ Ria, I wish people remembered that!

@ Ceedy, haha! That was a good one. I did not know there were so many people like me around!

Lena said...

we love to judge people and tend to hurt them.. sometimes words can hurt even more.. and i dont know what is worse - the fact we cant get rid of the habit to judge or the fact that some people even dont realise they hurt others.
People are not willing to change, they love being the way they are and hardly accept anyone different..

and gosh... me is tired about hearing of me getting too old to get married... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

rOhit said...

Nayee Pikchaa.
Naat Bad! :P


So, the rumors which said you're better known as 'Sneha' were true. I see! ;)

Cinderella. said...

Same stuff I think about all the while I hear stuff like this !

Why do ppl have to be judgemental about others..? Why ??!!!

"Why you freakin' off !!" what I wanna these fck ups...!!

Loved it !
And like Keshi said,
'You nailed it hun !'..!!


Raghu Iyer said...

yeah!! you are not crazy

you are just extra-ordinary to be in the midst of ordinary minds...

can someone call a psychologist "crazy"...

ha ha ha ...thats infact "crazy" :) :)

carolinagal said...

Most of the sentences are utterly ridiculous!!! I can't believe people actually said these thing to you. I'd be tempted to say "WTF!!!" to their face!!!

Keshi said...

lol hahaha!


Raghu Iyer said...

arre! tame gujjuben!! just noticed! why ur name solitaire?

Deepali said...

I was thinking man if I had a rupee for every time I heard "Have you no discipline? How can you wake up so late?"

Then I read "You are already 28. Why aren't you guys getting married? Is your mom not worrying?" and thought now if I got a rupee for everytime I have heard/am going to hear this one. Man I'd be rich.

Alameen said...

another one
"You are cute and boring"
Was at receiving end once..

Kalpana said...

Every person definitely goes thru atleast few of these as the age grows. No idea, why people bother...might be care, if it's this then fine.... if it's a sattire, then to do something about it to shut their mouth.

Anonymous said...

i hate t when people or rather my sis makes tat face and says yuck to any food...its jus so irritiating.. and yuckie..

who invented that word.

***"Gosh! You need to lose weight! You look fat in those shorts."

believe me wen i say this... i completely get red hot wen i hear that....u knw wat kinda red hot right?!

ok i wud say.. may be i m crazy, but good for yu that u know .. so fuck off now!

Cosmic Joy said...

Your question at the end of this post made me think .. ("Do people seem weird to us only because they are different from us and are not the way WE expect them to be?)

If that were not so, would a psychologist be out of a job (assuming its natural to have a different behaviour) ??

Anjuli said...

good one!

vasanth said...

Add one more IF ONLY

IF ONLY women would stop thinking that all men are mcps.

And God Made Woman ( after making man) and the tiredness shows in the artisan's finished product.

But whatever the difference "Vive la diference" as they say.